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Wondering how much is a trip to Italy?

We traveled to Italy in 2017 and spent two weeks in the ancient yet very modern city of Rome — or Roma as the Italians call it. We were planning on seeing more of Italy, but I quickly learned that Italy is not the kind of place where you can easily “wing-it”.  Almost everything in our budget was already booked up and the only rooms available were too far outside of the city and required a rental car.  Something that I wasn’t expecting was just how costly food was in Rome, but there were some cheap options like the pizza places located near the metro entrances. To help you answer the question of how much is a trip to Italy, here is a breakdown of our expenses so you will know what will a trip to Rome cost.

What Will a Trip to Rome Cost?

2 Weeks in Rome.

$9.60 – Train from Airport to Metro Station
$1.74 – Metro Ride
$20.92 – 72 Hour metro/bus pass
$27.89 – 7 Day metro/bus pass
$15.00  – Train back to the Airport
Total: $91.59

The first week we mostly ate out every meal except breakfast. The second week we cooked in our Airbnb Kitchen almost exclusively and spent about the same amount as we did when we ate out.  Food is pretty expensive in Rome something you should take into account when making your budget and trying to decide how much will a trip to Italy cost.

$30 – Diapers
$27.28 – Clothes
Total: $57.28


$412.57 (About $200 a week).

Those were our expenses and should help you get a figure when trying to calculate how much is a trip to Italy.

Where we Stayed:

We booked a room in 2 different Airbnbs for a week each.

The first week we stayed here. Our host was really nice and the apartment was located about 10 minutes from the Metro station where we easily got into the city in 20 minutes. It was a great base for exploring the historical center of Rome.

Our second week we stayed here .  I loved how comfortable and homey this apartment was.  The kitchen was perfect for cooking in, the living room was really cozy as well.  Our host was really nice but never home so it actually felt as though we had rented the entire apartment instead of just a room.  Also, the neighborhood around the apartment was really cute with lots of little cafes and small grocery stores.  We spent the whole week just hanging around this neighborhood instead of walking around the historical district with all the crowds.

I didn’t take many photos in Rome, mostly because every photo would have been packed with tourists.  Even in late September, Rome was still pretty crowded..which was a little bit of a bummer.  I didn’t really enjoy the sites and history that much because everywhere we went we were elbow to elbow with other people and so the magic really wasn’t there.  But here’s a few more photos of our daily life in Rome so once you’re done calculating how much is a trip to Italy you can see what real life in Italy is like.

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